Technology Studies
Avalon Energy has vast experience is conducting studies in various technology applications across the energy value chain. These studies were designed to support the client’s R&D team get a complete understanding of various competing technologies, its applications and also commercial implications. We find ourselves at ease while dealing with various technologies and processes.

State of Art Studies
The state of art studies provides a comprehensive understanding of the technology and the segment where it is applied. The study will provide the client with information covering various aspects such as:

      • Overview of the technology domain
      • Current state of the commercialized technologies
      • New product developments and technologies under R&D and pilot stage
      • Scan on key players active (Companies/Research institutes/Academic institutions, Consortiums) including their technological focus, Investments, R&D programs,
        Research Funding etc
      • Financials(Investment, Capex and Opex Data)
      • Projects Activity - with the current status
      • Technological as well as Commercial Tie-up and agreements

We have conducted over a hundred state of art technology studies in last 1 year. Some of the recent studied domain includes Cyclic Fixed bed reactors, C4 technologies, Aromatics, Biofuels, Tailings Management, Oil Sands, PV Back Sheet, Cellulosic Ethanol, Gas Treating Technologies etc.

Process Simulations and Modeling
We have required experience in conducting various process simulations and modeling exercises using various commercially available tools like HYSYS, Aspentech, PROII etc. We have the requisite expertise and necessary infrastructure to model installations with various process units and equipment sizes. We do undertake EPC level cost estimate along with detailed break up for categories such as Steel & Pipe, Electrical & instrumentation, Equipment, Labor, Engineering & Project Management, Civil & Construction etc.

Licensing opportunities Identification
We have worked with various clients in identification of potential opportunities for licensing of their proprietary technologies and systems. Accordingly, we evaluate various Brownfield and Greenfield opportunities across regions and sectors. Quantum of opportunities is used as the basis for short listing potential sectors and regions. This is followed by a detailed research to zero in on potential clients.

We conduct initial discussions with the potential licensee to understand their current technology and limitations of the same. We do try to understand their future expansion plans and check the scope for evaluating new technology of our client.

We do provide custom research solutions for our clients to meet various needs such as:

      • Identification of Manufacturers, vendors and Service providers for various product offerings
      • Capex and Opex Estimation
      • Analyzing threats of substitutes from new products/materials
      • Tracking technological developments in a particular sector/domain

Avalon Energy offer a full range of patent services, including patentability assessment, invalidation studies, infringement studies, patent/ technology Landscape, benchmarking, whitespace analysis and competitors/Industry watch. We have been providing patent search and analytics services to players across energy domain. Our Client list includes individual inventors, Research institutes, Law firms, Large Corporations and Fortune 100 Companies active in energy domain. Our ability to synthesize technical, commercial and legal aspects while conducting patent research has helped our clients get a holistic picture of the IP asset under study.

Search Services:
      o Prior Art/Novelty/Patentability Searches
      o Validity/Invalidation Searches
      o Potential Infringement/Licensor Searches
      o Freedom to Operate/Clearance Searches

Analytics Services
      o IP Patent Landscape
      o White Space Analysis
      o Competitive Intelligence
      o Patent Portfolio Services

Other information Services
      o Alerts and Watches
      o Competition tracking
      o Database Creation
      o File Wrapper Procurement and Analysis

IP Services team is well supported by state of art patent databases like Thomson innovation. The patent services cover all the major patent authorities, specific nations and proprietary sources including Chinese, Japanese and Korean Authorities

In addition to Thomson innovation we can handle most all databases and tools related to patents e.g. USPTO, Micropat, Delphion, INPADOC, LexisNexis, Derwent Patent Index (DWPI), Aureka maps etc

Patent data analysis is well augmented by non-patent literature search to provide the client with a complete landscape of the technological domain/sector. We are subscribed to various technical / commercial databases and have pay-per-use relationship with many others. Using our extensive desk research skills we also fully leverage the power of the internet, blogs, articles, publications, etc.
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