We have worked on a wide spectrum of products within the ‘Power’ domain. We have a good understanding of the business dynamics in the Power Industry by virtue of having conducted several assignments in this sector. We have studied products across the entire value chain from Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution to end use applications. We have conducted Marketing Strategies, Customer satisfaction Assessment, Distribution System Design and Business Strategy for both Indian and International Power companies.

Case examples in Power Sector
      • Understanding the market for HV and EHV Insulators

      • Market Study on Alternators (100 kVA-10,000 kVA)

      • Market Study for Transmission Line Towers

      • Market Assessment for Transformers and Switchgear

      • Market Assessment for captive power plants (3-50 MW)

      • Market Study on MV/HV Circuit Breakers

      • Attractiveness of Aluminium conductor business

      • Market Study on EHT cables in India

      • Feasibility for automatic meter reading system

      • Assessing EHV & MV Switchgear Market in India

      • Distribution for Electronic Energy Meters

      • Select applications of SCADA in Power systems management

      • Opportunity assessment for FHP Motors market

      • Site location study for power tools & appliances unit

      • Study on Switch mode power supply

      • Market for Electrical electronics packaging, Electrical grade insulation paper and board

      • Cable assemblies opportunities in India

      • Market Study for Rectifiers

      • Customer Satisfaction study on Welding Electrodes

      • Site Location study for Power Tools and Home Appliances Unit

      • Market Assessment for Alternators and Diesel Engines

      • Market Potential study on low HP Compressors

      • Market for Electronic Energy meters

      • Growth Strategy for Indian Power Market

      • Market Study on Diesel Generating Sets and Alternators

      • Customer satisfaction study on AC Motors and Generators

      • Project Profile on DC Micrometers

      • Customer Satisfaction Assessment for various types of Switchgear and Petrol Pumps

      • Market Study of Portable Electric Tools

      • Opportunity for Medium Voltage Cables in GCC

      • Cable Assemblies Opportunities in India

      • Market Study on PVC Power Cables

      • Consulting services for small power plants

      • Study on China Power Transmission

      • Study of the Combined Heat and Power sector in Europe

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