Clean Technology & Waste Management
Increasing concern on environment and pressure by environmentalist has now forced corporates and government bodies to look at environmentally sound practices for waste management and deployment of clean technologies in a serious manner. It presents a good business opportunity as well. We have a good grasp of technologies, processes, equipments and viable market structures used by players involved in management of air pollution control, water purification, waste management and other services. Avalon has advised many corporate on emerging opportunities in Clean technology and Environmental Services related business. We have conducted such studies across major markets such as India, Middle East, Europe and Americas.

Articles by Avalon staff on Carbon Credits Trading and Clean Technologies have been published in National newspapers

Avalon has conducted numerous commercial and technical studies in the area of emission control across various sectors including Refineries, Petrochemical Installations, fertilizers, Coal/Thermal power plants etc.

The scope of our research studies have ranged from understanding commercial and technological status and aspects of current technologies to identification of licensing opportunities for emission treating technologies.

Some of the areas of our expertise include particulate emission control, CO2 capture and Storage (CCS) across Europe, SO2 capture, Amine Treating, NOX emission and Control, Dioxin Removal, Mercaption Removal , Guard beds, sulphur removal technologies etc.

Avalon has good knowledge of both the residential and industrial waste water treatment segment. We have conducted numerous studies in subjects such as various waste water treatment technologies and water treatment chemicals in India and abroad. We have a good appreciation of the regulatory aspects having reviewed MINAS (Minimum National Standards) and its applicability as well as study of water quality monitoring instruments.

We have also studied waste water and tailings treatment covering refineries, exploration and production sites and waste water issues in unconventional energy sector such as oil sands etc

Avalon has studied various aspects of solid waste management including municipal waste compost, food waste management in India as well as city specific issues like garbage management in Mumbai.

We have mapped various opportunities for our clients in the environment business in India, identified green market drivers in select industries, determined scope for environmental consulting services as well as assessed the brand awareness of ‘zero carbon’ city in the Middle East.

Emission Control
  • Gas Treating technologies

  • NOx Emission

  • Particulate Emission Control

  • CO2 Capture and Storage

  • c
    Water Treatment
  • Water treatment chemical pumps, water      quality monitoring equipment

  • RO technology based water treatment

  • Water Management

  • Water Quality Standards

  • c
    Solid Waste Management
  • Municipal waste based composite

  • Municipal solid waste management

  • Hazardous waste management

  • Case Examples in Clean Technology and Waste Management
          • Technical & Commercial developments in the field of Alternative Thermodynamic Cycles

          • Patent landscape for Closed Loop Extraction Cycle for Oil Sand extraction

          • Technological Intelligence and patent landscape for tailings management in Oil sand industry

          • Licensing opportunities for gas treating technologies in Indian Market

          • Global landscape for CHP (Combined Heat and Power) and its technologies

          • Study on TriGeneration, combined generation of heat, cold/refrigeration and power in one system

          • A scan of technologies in the domain of CO2 and SO2 capture

          • Food waste management

          • Garbage management system for Mumbai

          • Market opportunity for Municipal Waste based Compost

          • Study of Equipments for Waste Water Treatment

          • Study on Environment Business in India

          • Potential for usage of Tefaire Filter bags in India

          • Scope for Environmental Consulting Services

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