Renewable Energy
Avalon has built a sizeable and enviable portfolio of research projects in the renewable energy segment covering solar, wind, bio fuels and storage devices. Our close association with some of the large players in the industry has helped us gain first hand insight into the market developments and technology evolution that are taking place globally.

Solar Energy
In Solar energy, we have studied various components of the solar panels like PV components, backsheet films, solar panel materials. These studies encompassed understanding the global solar energy trends, PV installations, total capacity, types of solar modules, components of module, regulations and incentive schemes for solar energy, future technologies of solar module components, offgrid solar energy usage as well as studying solar products like solar refrigeration etc .

Wind Energy
We understand the technology and functioning wind turbine industry very well having studied components such as castings, forgings and composite materials in detail. We have conducted location viability studies for some of the wind energy farms and identified energy consultants across the globe for energy major ranked among the ‘top 5’ in the Fortune list. Avalon has helped UK based company find opportunities with Indian wind energy companies. UK firm was engaged in oil exchange service package designed to cope with the difficult demands and conditions when servicing wind turbines.

We have studied the complete value chain in biofuels industry right from bio-separations, pretreatment of biomass (Algae, Cellulose etc) to refining of biofuels to blending with other commercial fuels. We have covered all the commercial aspects of the biofuels industry along with technical aspects through intensive patent and non-patent literature search to assists clients in their strategy formulations

Energy Storage
Avalon has good experience and expertise to understand the energy storage systems especially the lithium ion energy storage devices. We have studied all the aspects of the energy storage device from commercial issues like funding, M&A, tie-ups etc to technical aspects like novel electrode material, development in battery management systems, new manufacturing techniques etc.

Solar & Wind Energy
  • Solar PV components

  • Solar Backsheet films

  • Solar Panel materials

  • Wind Energy consultants

  • Gear oil and gear oil exchange units in Wind       mills

  • Wind mill components like forgings, castings,      composite materials
  • c
    Biomass / Biofuels
  • Bioseparation

  • Crude Oil Algae

  • Cellulosic Ethanol

  • Biofuel Facility

  • c
    Energy Storage Devices
  • Lithium Batteries

  • Fuel cells

  • Case Examples in Renewable Energy Sector
          • Global Market study on usage of PVDF Film in the Back sheet of Solar Panels

          • Identifying Opportunities in Renewables Energy

          • Market for Tedlar in photovoltaic applications in India

          • Assessment of the Solar Cooker opportunity in India

          • Assessment of the Photovoltaic market

          • Profiling Wind Energy Consultants in Europe

          • Study of the energy trends for a leading European Major

          • Opportunity for Biomass Syngas

          • Market Study for Vegetable Fuel Briquettes

          • Techno Economic Feasibility study for a sugar beet based ethanol plant

          • Availability and economics of producing Bio Ethanol in India

          • Technical and commercial developments in specific bio-fuel technologies

          • Evaluation of Bio-Ethylene as an Alternative Feedstock in Petrochemicals

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