Oil & Gas
The oil and gas industry has been instrumental in fuelling the rapid growth of the economy. The industry’s role in energy security and in the development of related world scale industries such as petrochemicals cannot be under estimated. Given the rising demand for energy from industry and the population, more and more investments are coming into the sector.

We have a good understanding of the Oil and Gas sector across the value chain from the exploration stage to downstream processing to distribution and sales. We are able to appreciate the practical nuances of the oil and gas sector operations due to our rich industry experience backed by chemical engineering background.

Our services encompass the whole range starting from basic company profiles to in depth market studies and technology review.

We have experience in traditional Oil& Gas industry as well as new unconventional sources of energy which includes Oil sands, Shale Gas, Gas Hydrates etc

We have conducted a number of studies related to POL products and have a good knowledge of process technologies as well as market related issues.

We have also studied a wide range of products in the petrochemical industry and have a good understanding of the market prospects and processes. We are in a better position to provide insights and implications of global developments in the sector. We have conducted studies from the point of view of industry, government bodies as well as financial institutions and we are quite adept at presenting the perspectives in line with their respective objectives.

The sharp rise in global demand for energy and resultant increase in prices has forced energy companies, users, governments and research institutions’ world over to explore and harness alternate forms of energy and make it sustainable and commercially viable. Avalon has been a front runner in energy research for over two decades and has helped new initiatives of clients in this field on subjects such as:

      • Coal Bed Methane (CBM)
      • Gas Hydrates (Methane Clathrate)
      • Shale Gas
      • Heavy Oil (Oil sands)

We have facilitated new energy initiatives of clients attain full shape by providing market studies as well as continuous feed of market intelligence on the sector.

Case Examples in Oil and Gas Sector
      • Market Mapping for Maintenance Services Market in Upstream & Refineries

      • Understanding the trends in the Rapid and Deep Crude Characterization techniques

      • Understanding Coal Bed Methane business in India

      • Various technical and commercial developments in well testing industry

      • Analyse parameters for selected North American gas basins

      • Market potential for Air cooled Heat Exchangers in select Middle East countries

      • Opportunities in India for Pipes, tubings, fittings in Oil & Gas industry

      • Calcium chloride/ HCl usage in drilling in GCC region

      • Study on Select Energy Hubs across the globe

      • Study on various technologies in the domain of Benzene and BTX aromatics production

      • Opportunities for Gas treating technology in India

      • Identification of technologies associated with various C4 feed stock and first step derivatives

      • Study of Cyclic fixed bed reactors for refinery and petrochemical plants

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