Business Information Services
Information is lifeline of any organization. The success of any business decision depends on the timing, authenticity and adequacy of market information. Avalon has designed an array of customized information solutions for corporations to remain ahead of the competition. We have also developed multiple formats for real time delivery of information.

Our Business Information services include:
Company Profiles
Our company profiles are designed to provide a quick as well as comprehensive overview of companies. We tailor make profiles to suit the objectives of clients – be it for acquisition, investment or monitoring competition. We select parameters accordingly and provide depth of information as per client’s requirement. Accordingly, our coverage can range from one pager to 100 pages. We do provide multiple insights and analysis to facilitate better decision on the part of our clients. We collate information from various sources and speak to stakeholders too to provide the just needed depth and edge. Our company profile cover aspects such as company background, financial & operational performance, business strategy, peer analysis, product launches/developments, new senior recruitments, order book status, market/capacity expansion , M & A news, SWOT and Porter model.

Newsletters are by nature a compilation or dump of news developments across the world relating to sector, market, product or technology. Avalon does it differently not for the sake of differentiation but for the purpose of information edge. We increasingly use technology to make information collation comprehensive and across all news medium. We depend on our domain expertise to make the information more appealing, relevant and also usable. We make inter connect of development wherever applicable to provide the perspective.

We provide regular feeds to our clients at a pre determined frequency even on topics or subjects niche and technical in nature.

Support Services
Avalon provides a host of support services targeted at various functions within an organization. We provide information and data on quick turnaround or validate specific information or conduct expert interviews on a request basis for corporations, consultant, industry bodies, government and financial institutions.

We do build specialized database for marketing and business development, product development, sourcing and strategic planning functions. We also provide information and analysis support for M& A transactions, Asset management team or for project group in an organization. We are quite flexible and adept in building custom templates or incorporating client models and frameworks for such deliverables.

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