Avalon provides a range of commercial services aimed at sharpening strategic planning or facilitating and supporting tactical decision making at our clients end. Our solutions range from industry landscaping/ market mapping to business due diligence, feasibility studies and business plans depending on the business stage of the client. Our ground work is so meticulous that our roll out plan for our clients seldom undergoes any change.

Our organic and inorganic growth solutions have helped our clients successfully foray into new markets, launch new products, consolidate their market position and understand customers and competitors better. We take enough pride in seeing our solutions work perfectly resulting in market leadership of our client’s business.

New Market Foray
Industry landscaping and market mapping studies are undertaken to support and augment long term strategic decision making of our clients. Accordingly, Avalon undertakes 360 degree analysis of market as well as industry to provide holistic and comprehensive inputs for the decision making process. The quality of our work stems from the fact that our team painstakingly visits various sites and conducts meetings with various stakeholders to get a ground level feel of the developments and also to authenticate all our findings. We leave no stone unturned to ensure our findings lead to crafting of a superior strategy at our clients end. We ensure our client’s new market foray is successful, smooth and devoid of any risk as our studies are conducted in objective and meticulous manner. We anticipate surprises at every step in the process to avoid our clients getting surprised at a later stage

Competition Study
Being ahead of or beating the competition would necessarily mean monitoring the moves of the competitor. A successful strategic or tactical decision would necessarily incorporate study of competition as new launches, price revision, expansion etc have a large bearing on the success of the client. Avalon provides continuous stream of competitors’ activities. We do scan all the information available in the public domain and its implications on client’s business but stop short of intruding into the competitor’s confidential arena.

Country Study
Macro scan of economic, social and political factors and clear understanding of the impact of policies and regulatory affairs is key to successful market entry and long term sustainability of business in a foreign market. In addition to continuous tracking and collating of key developments from all the news medium, Avalon team members do speak to various experts to decipher the policy and understand the political under current in target market to present a clear perspective to our clients so that they can steer clear of potential risks.

Target Identification
Like individuals, success of corporate marriages too depends on trustworthy partners - be it supply chain partners for sourcing and distribution or acquisition targets. Avalon uses a multi stage identification and screening process and use of objective factors to shortlist the right partner for the client. Following this, we do undertake detailed interviews with various stakeholders connected with the potential partner to validate various claims. . By virtue of our extensive domain knowledge and network, we are able to identify the best players even in the niche business segment. In short, we do extensive homework and ground work to ensure our client finds only the right and the best partner

Customer Behavior
Customer retention and deepening the relationship is key to success of any business. We realize from our experience that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush. We have developed a proprietary analytical tool to objectively analyze various aspects of customers buying behavior and satisfaction. The heart of our proprietary tool lies in detecting satisfaction and dis- satisfaction signals ahead of the event. Effective blend of analysis and prognosis has helped our clients design effective marketing plans. We do analyze our own recommendations in the subsequent studies to judge the effectiveness of our findings. We also conduct social media research to monitor customer behavior.

Sustainability Research
ESG or governance research is more relevant today than ever as increasing competition and pressure on bottom line has led to corporates choose short cuts to keep stakeholders happy. Our ESG practice and analytical tools are designed to identify companies with business practices that can sustain and build long term value to the entire society. Our ESG model studies various processes and practices related to aspects of corporate governance, environmentally consistent practices, social responsibility, employee relationship and compensation, transparency and supply chain management. Our ESG inputs have helped institutional investors and potential partners identify real long term value creators.

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