Avalon Energy, a part of Avalon Global Research, has a strong presence in the energy and environment domain in Asia and Middle East and straddles the entire knowledge value chain.

The circle in Avalon Energy logo represents the Eternal Sun signifying a long term outlook and the square in the center denotes focus.

The impacts of the dynamic energy industry are globally putting energy companies and regulators under significant pressure to make their businesses respond. In view of the same, Avalon Energy was initiated, with a keen focus to address the burgeoning demands of this industry.

Our in-depth energy industry experience brings a unique combination of strategic intellect and tactical execution to the client, wherein Avalon experts leverage their insights across the entire energy value chain. From inception to implementation we drive effective change in the client’s organization to meet new strategies.

The Avalon pedigree is second to none, which we are actively shaping with passion and fervency.

Domain Experts
Ramakrishnan has completed his chemical engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and his management degree from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta

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Why Avalon Energy
Avalon has emerged undisputed leader in the field of energy services and first choice for solutions for most of the large corporations and government institutions.
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Work Strategy
Our services are designed to provide global coverage across more than 80 countries and 15 international languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Malaysia, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian and Korean).
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Select Clients
Clients in the Energy and Environment space that Avalon Energy has worked with

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Press Release

"An excellent "PPT" presentation.Has covered all our specs and exceeded in some cases"

-- Senior Manager, Projects, Large Indian Conglomerate

• “Thank you for the excellent presentation, good depth and quality presentation format. I enjoyed the business skills of the team and had wished we would have had more time to discuss the business implications.”

-- Head India Operations- Oil & Gas Company

• “You have conducted an excellent analysis of our target businesses in India. It is clear that we need to commit greater resources into this market and your work has made this decision easy for us”

-- Business Vice President, Specialty Polymers, Switzerland

• “I'm really happy with the team that helped to deliver the EU CCS study. Great, simple way of presenting results and the underlying data in Powerpoint was structured in an excellent, very accessible way. Especially the flexibility and service mentality of Avalon contributed a lot to this great end product. I almost couldn't be happier with this team working on this.”

-- Business Strategy Consultant, Oil & Gas Company

• “Great service. Thanks for producing the deliverable on time!!”

-- Plant Biochemist, Oil & Gas Company

• “Avalon has done a great job meeting tight timelines with budgetary quotes from a number of vendors.”

-- Process Engineer, Oil & Gas Company

• “I am fully satisfied with the work that has been done. I would also like to thank each of you for your efforts”

-- Business Development Manager India, Oil & Gas Company

• “It was a pleasure working with Avalon for this study, and we are satisfied with the amount and quality of information that your team successfully gathered within a short period of time.”

-- Technologist Energy,CO2 & Water, Oil & Gas Company

• “I was pleased by the responsiveness you showed during our work together, and impressed by the level of information you managed to collect with the primary research.”

-- Network Strategy Coordinator, Oil & Gas Company

• “Great stuff! This appears to be an excellent collection of information. Thank you.

-- Project Leader, Industrial Oils, Oil & Gas Company

• “The study has been comprehensive and raises the right set of questions for us to internally debate and come back to you on the next steps”

-- Global Business Director, USA

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